The Land of Adventures – Barot Valley


The valley is a small hill station located at an altitude of 1700 mts from sea level. Barot  is originally developed in 1920s by by the English Govt during their rule over India for Shanan Hydel Project is now a tourist location in Mandi district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Barot was difficult to access until 1975 when there was no road connectivity. Barot is 40km from Jogindernagar and 65 km from Mandi, the district headquarters.

The Barot valley is one of the best travel destinations in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. Barot is a small village on the banks of the river, Uhl. The river is the first in the country which is used for generating hydroelectricity. the foundation stone of this project was laid by the English Govt during their rule over India. Barot is also well known for Trout fishing. Trout fish is a freshwater breed. The fishing department of Agriculture University, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh Govt. supervises the trout breeding in the valley. The Barot Valley is not only popular for its man-made projects but it has also been recognized as “the most beautiful destination in 2015”. The hill station offers vast range of Tourist activities.

Paragliding in Valley.

Paragliding site is known worldwide and has hosted the Paragliding world cup in October, 2015. You may choose to trek for 16 kms to reach the paragliding  point from the Barot valley side. The site is a major attraction amongst the travelers as it serves as a great option of trekking in tribal villages, enjoying wild life, camping, cultural heritage and paragliding in 2-3 days. Its multi-adventurous place for even those who prefer easy treks, as the trails aren’t high and tough, so everyone can enjoy this trek. Anyone can trek such beautiful trails and enjoy the colors of nature and end up with Paragliding (25-45 mins flight) from a height of 2400 mts.

Fishing  in Barot valley

Fishing  is one of the best activities which is enjoyed by everyone. Uhl river is full of Trout fish and Brown Trout fish. Equipments are easily available at an economical price in the local market. However, for fishing you must get permission from the fishery department that is easily available by paying 30 INR. Enjoy Fishing in the Uhl River!!!!

Mountain Biking in Barot Valley.

Mountain biking is always an adventure but a tough call due to the uneven terrains. The valley offers a great scope for mountain biking as the roads are not busy, rather, a few roads are rarely used by vehicles. One can cycle for odd 100 kms in the valley on various routes and a few trails are exciting to the point that one can love it. It’s a new sport here so you need to carry your own bike.

Village walks in the Valley

Village walks in the Barot valley will surprise you. Villagers here are very helpful and very rich in culture. Some are well educated. The Villager will hesitate to start a conversation, but once you start talking with them they will explain every single interesting point in their life. They farm organic pulses, vegetables, fruits, and more than that they are always weaving warm clothes in the houses with sheep wool. They have small units at home to prepare handmade shawls and local blanket (pattu”s). The tourist can buy all this stuff by paying to them. They are very honest and hard workers.

Trekking in the Barot valley.

The Barot valley have a wide range of treks, these treks provide you with a great experience of local heritage and culture of Himachal, a sight of local villagers living a traditional and happy life. The Natural heritage offers you an Amazing experience of the wildlife. Heart touching views of snow covered mountains of Himalaya’s in the winter is simply breath-taking. Some famous treks that start from Barot valley are :

  • Barot to Denasar lake.
  • Barot to Bhubhu pass.
  • Barot to Thamsar pass , Bara Bhangal.
  • Barot to Rajgundha trek to Bir Biling.

Wildlife Sanctuary in Baroat.

Wildlife Sanctuary, Beyond the Uhl river in the Barot valley is an area of the  Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the state-bird Monals, Black bear and ghoral. The valley is surrounded by the woods of Devdar, Cedar and Oak forests.

How to Reach.

Barot is easily reachable by road. It  is around 25 kms from National highway 154. NH 154 has a diversion from Ghatasni to Barot which is around 70 kms from Palampur and 43 km from Mandi  in Manali- Pathankot Highway NH 154.

If you are an adventure lover and love trekking, you have an option of using the haulage trolly from Jogindernagar to Winch camp. The trolly runs on a daily basis between 09:30 am and 03:30 pm. Houlage trolly is used to transport Goods to Winch camp by Sannan hydro project (first hydro project in India). There is a trek from Winch camp to Barot. You can reach there by taking the train route. This route will reduce the journey by 12 kms.

Rout to get reach– Barot, Distt Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Barot is around 65 Kms from Mandi and 80 kms from Palampur (Knagra).

Air : Barot is 110 kms far from Gaggal (Dharamshala) airport. Gaggal  airport have daily two flights from Delhi to Dharamshala.

Rail: Pathankot is the nearest railway station, which is 150 kms from Broat. There are so many trains from Delhi to Pathankot.

Road:  There are many Volvo, deluxe,  semi deluxe, and ordinary overnight buses available from Delhi to Jogindernagar and Delhi to Mandi. You reach by bus to Ghatasni and then 25 kms to Barot. Other option you can hire taxi from Mandi to Barot

Barot Valley distances from the different places:-

New Delhi to Barot: – 530 kms
Chandigarh to Barot: – 315 kms
Pathankot to Barot: – 170 kms
Dharamsala to Barot: – 110 km
Mandi to Barot: – 65 km
Palampur to Barot: – 80 km
Jogindernagar to Barot: – 40 km

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